InMediTech LLP

(MedLyte is a registered Trade Mark of InMediTech LLP)

Refund will be granted to you under any one of the following circumstances:

1. If you cancel a consultation request with your doctor before the said doctor "Accepts" your consultation request.
2. If the doctor chooses to refund your consultation charge at the end of consultation.

No refund shall be granted to you once the doctor has accepted the consultation request.

In case the doctor does not turn up for the consultation, or the consultation was not a success because of any reason, please contact us at We do not gaurantee the full refund. Any decision on refund in such cases will remain with MedLyte and its directors.

Refund Details:

Refund will be credited as per the original mode of payment. Refund will be credited to the customer within 10-15 working days.